college admissions trends

What are Your Chances of Getting off the Waitlist?

Waitlisted and not sure what to do next? Read our tips for analyzing your waitlist chances and follow our next steps to demonstrate your continued interest!

Colleges Increase Use of Waitlists

How likely are you to be admitted to college off a waitlist, and how can you improve your chances of admission? Here are some tips for being realistic about your admission chances and continuing to demonstrate interest to your top college choices.

Sibling Legacy in College Admissions: Does It Exist?

If your older sibling attends your dream school, will this help you to get in? If twins apply to a college together, will it give them any advantage? Does sibling legacy provide a hook into college admissions?

College Admissions Trends: 2013 Edition

For students and parents beginning the long journey that is the college admissions process, information is key. The more you know about recent trends, realities and expectations, the better prepared you are to tackle challenges and succeed in gaining admission to the colleges of your choice. With that in mind, ...

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