Why Choose Us

Since our start in 2004, Collegiate Gateway has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams in college and graduate school admissions. No matter your starting point, we provide invaluable guidance to help you achieve a successful outcome: acceptance to a college that best matches your individual academic and personal needs. Just as importantly, we work to ensure that the journey is as positive and stress-free as possible.

Admissions Statistics

Our statistics speak to the power of our approach. No matter your background or goals, we can help you achieve an excellent outcome.


We value our clients’ satisfaction not only with their outcomes, but with the process. See what they have to say about their experience.


We are extremely proud to help our clients gain acceptance to the world’s best universities and graduate schools. Explore the full list.

University Visits

We visit hundreds of colleges and universities around the world, so that we can advise our clients with first-hand experience and knowledge.


Collegiate Gateway is featured regularly on TV, in print, and at national conferences to share our expertise on admissions and higher education.


Read the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to reach out to us at any time – we would love to schedule a free consultation!

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Collegiate Gateway

  1. Years of experience: Since 2004, we have helped hundreds of students achieve college and graduate school admissions success at the very best schools around the world.
  2. Track record of success: 92% of our students are accepted to one or more of their top three colleges, and less than 1% transfer. 93% of our medical school applicants are accepted to at least one med school.
  3. Full range of consulting services: No matter what stage of the process you’re in, we’ll help you do everything possible to strengthen your candidacy – from choosing courses to crafting exceptional essays to developing the perfect list of schools.
  4. High-touch approach: We truly love our work, and it shows in the deep personal relationships we build with our students and families. We dedicate enormous attention and care to addressing all our clients’ individual needs.
  5. Stress-free process: We provide the peace of mind that every detail of your admissions journey will be organized with expertise and care. Our positive approach gives clients the confidence to aim high and maximize your educational potential.
  6. Data-driven strategy: We maintain and analyze up-to-date statistics on university features and admissions trends in order to help our clients make the most informed and effective decisions.
  7. Accessibility: We are highly responsive to our clients’ needs and always keep the channels of communication open. We make extensive use of video conferencing and work seamlessly with clients all over the world.
  8. First-hand knowledge: We visit hundreds of colleges and graduate schools around the world and speak with admissions officers, faculty, and students to provide our clients with first-hand information on each school’s admissions, academics, and culture.
  9. Leadership in the Field: Founder Julie Raynor Gross has been accredited at the highest level in admissions consulting. She is recognized nationally as an admissions expert and is featured regularly on television, in print, and at industry conferences.
  10. Highest standards of ethics: We believe that our job is to guide our clients in making authentic choices and crafting genuine applications. We adhere strictly to all the industry-standard ethical guidelines regarding every aspect of our work.