At Collegiate Gateway, we’re passionate about helping our clients leverage increased understanding into actionable self-improvement.


At Collegiate Gateway, we’re specially trained in a wide range of targeted personality and interests assessments to help clients better understand themselves and maximize their educational and professional potential.

Collegiate Gateway helps students translate greater self-awareness into stronger academic performance and enhanced admissions success. We also work closely with organizations to improve team dynamics and leadership strategies, in order to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and culture.

As Master Practitioners of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and Strong Interest Inventory®, we have administered these assessments for hundreds of individuals and organizations. The heart of our service is providing in-depth discussion and interpretation of the results of each assessment, drawing upon our specialized training and extensive background in developmental psychology and counseling. Each client also receives a detailed, actionable report at the conclusion of our work together.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)

The Myers-Briggs personality assessment is built upon the theories of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. According to Jung’s work, each person has innate psychological preferences for functions like learning, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, stress management, and teamwork.

Through this assessment, we can determine which of 16 personality types best describes the way you relate to the world around you. These insights are invaluable in increasing self-understanding, identifying both strengths and blind spots, and developing specific strategies to improve productivity and quality of life. The end result is helping our clients to dramatically maximize academic and professional success.

Strong Interest Inventory®

The Strong Interest Inventory® is based on the theories of vocational psychologist John Holland and is built on the premise that we are happiest and most successful when our work environments align with our personalities.

This assessment identifies one’s unique interests to provide powerful insights into the academic and professional fields where you’re most likely to thrive. The Strong® tool offers an extremely robust framework to guide decision-making regarding college majors, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and career exploration. At Collegiate Gateway, we are highly trained to help you understand how to leverage your personality and interests to carve a successful path into the future.

Organizational Assessments

We believe that organizational effectiveness begins with the individual. By understanding the unique personalities and strengths of each team member, we can provide deeper insight into the dynamics of the organization and how each individual can contribute most effectively. Collegiate Gateway’s interactive workshops enable both managers and teams to strengthen leadership, teamwork skills, communication, morale and decision-making. We’ll help illuminate the path towards a high-performance culture aligned with your company’s larger strategic goals.


MBTI Master Practitioner
Master Practitioner of MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)
Certified Practitioner of Strong Interest Inventory®
Certified Educational Planner

“I have been on a quest of self-discovery. Julie, thank you for letting me know that I am an INFP. America, get ready for me to be all up infp your face!”

Stephen Colbert, Host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

“Just after being promoted into a new management role, doing an MBTI® assessment with Julie was a wonderful tool to begin thinking in depth about my own leadership style.”

Director of Marketing, Leading NYC Restaurant and Hospitality Group

“Your work with our team has been incredibly eye-opening and impactful!”

Director, International Consumer Products Company

“The self-awareness I gained from my MBTI® assessment, along with Julie’s guided analysis, has helped me immeasurably with teamwork in medical school. Julie was able to provide incredibly valuable insight, as well as actionable recommendations for how I could better facilitate any team or group dynamic.”

Student, NYU School of Medicine, Class of 2019

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