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Is the LSAT Becoming Optional?

Will law schools continue to require the LSAT, and sometimes the GRE, as part of their admissions process? We walk you through where things stand now, what you can expect, and why law schools might be considering a test-optional policy similar to undergraduate programs.

Finding Your Best-Fit Law School

There’s more to applying to law school than the “Top Fourteen” (T14). It is important to research each law school on your list to determine whether it will be a great fit for your future career goals.

The LSAT-Flex: Learn About the New Law School Exam!

The LSAT has been an integral part of law school admissions since 1948 and is administered up to 150,000 times each year. As a result of the global pandemic of 2020, the LSAT has undergone substantial changes. All in-person LSAT administrations were cancelled during the spring of 2020, and will ...

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Law School Trends

In recent years, law schools have changed in numerous ways, largely as result of economic and employment trends. During the recession, the job market for new lawyers was bleak, discouraging students from pursuing law. Today, however, these developments may be reversing. It is interesting to reflect on the recent trends ...

Law School Specializations

Law schools, like colleges, vary in their educational philosophies. On one end of the spectrum are schools that believe that legal education should be broad and not specialized. For example, University of Chicago states that its well-rounded curriculum prepares students for any path by exploring a wide range of subjects. ...

Changes to New York and California Bar Exams

New York and California are well-known for their rigorous bar exams, and these exams are set to change during July 2016 in New York and July 2017 in California. In the U.S., states have the freedom to develop their own licensing exam for the practice of law, a standard that ...

Job Prospects for Law School Grads

Students decide to attend law school because: A)  The LSAT entrance test is more fun than a video game B)  Law school itself consists mostly of parties with few academic demands C)  They want to become lawyers Yes, our research conclusively supports Option C! So, how is the job market ...

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