Crafting Your College List, Part I: Best-Fit College Features

When crafting your college list, consider your personality and preferences and how they relate to the features of each college you are considering. Use these "best-fit" features to help you determine at which colleges will you be most able to grow academically, socially, and personally.

5 Qs with Dean Vayias

Get to know Dean Vayias, a senior at Boston College, who is majoring in finance and business analytics. Talking to students who attend the colleges on your list can help you decide if a particular school offers all of the opportunities that you are looking for!

Crafting Your College List: College Visits

In part two of our step-by-step guide to Crafting Your College List, we will help you narrow down a list of schools that you would like to research further, either through an in-person visit or virtually. Currently, the majority of schools’ admissions offices are closed to in-person visitors, but the ...

Five Reasons to Consider a Public University Honors College

  What are you looking for in a college experience? Maybe you want small class sizes, a tight-knit community, and close relationships with professors. Maybe you’re hoping to live on a campus with loads of school spirit, big-time sports, and access to top research opportunities. Typically, you can’t get all ...

Crafting Your Ideal College List

With over 3500 colleges in the United States to choose from, it’s no surprise that many students struggle to decide which of them to apply to. This blog will provide a step-by-step guide to making this process effective and even fun! We recommend that you explore and visit colleges throughout ...

Finding the Right Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is a neurological/developmental condition that is caused by a difference in how the person’s brain is “wired.” As a result, the individual has difficulty in receiving and processing information. Students with LD are as smart, creative and motivated as their peers, but they have often suffer from ...

How (and Why) You Should Demonstrate Interest to Colleges

Why is it important to demonstrate interest to colleges? “Demonstrated interest” has become increasingly important in the college admissions process over recent years.* But the importance placed on demonstrated interest varies greatly depending on the type of college. Demonstrated interest typically is more important to colleges that are private, smaller ...

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