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Another Year of Record-Breaking College Applications!

After last year’s admissions cycle shattered application records at many selective schools, it is incredible that this year, many colleges saw steady or increasing applications again! We take an in-depth look at how rising applications affects college admissions and what this means for future applicants.

Rise in Applications at Selective Schools

The pandemic created the perfect storm for college applications to explode at highly-selective schools. What does this mean for the Class of 2025 and what should you do to improve your chances of admission?

Early Admissions Trends for the Class of 2025

During this unprecedented pandemic, applying early to colleges has had its challenges. From SAT and ACT test cancellations to the reduced ability to visit colleges in person, early admissions have been different this year. Nevertheless, students have pressed onward and submitted their early apps. Whatever your early admissions outcomes, it ...

Career Corner: From School to Scooters, The Path to a Career in Industrial Design

When Katie Powers was considering colleges in 2002, she knew that she loved art, but she also felt strongly that she didn’t want to go to a small arts school. Rather, she wanted a liberal arts education, aiming to major in English and minor in art. She fell in love ...

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