How do you decide which colleges or graduate schools to recommend?

Matching students to the very best schools for their unique personality and educational goals is one of the hallmarks of Collegiate Gateway’s services. This is why we constantly visit and re-visit colleges and graduate programs throughout the world and meet with admissions staff, faculty, and students to learn everything there ...

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How early should students begin working with an independent counselor?

In today’s competitive admissions landscape, we believe the most successful applications require proactive and early planning long before you hit send. For college applicants, the ideal time to begin working with Collegiate Gateway is in freshman or sophomore year of high school. Many of the factors that influence admissions decisions ...

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What are Collegiate Gateway’s professional credentials?

Collegiate Gateway founder Julie Raynor Gross has achieved a leadership position in her field.  She is a Professional Member of: AIGAC (Association for International Graduate Admissions Counselors) HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association) IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) – served as Chair of the Graduate School Professional Liaison Committee and Chair of ...

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Why is a private college consultant useful in addition to the high school guidance counselor?

For high school students, the guidance counselor plays a valuable role as a liaison between the student’s secondary school and colleges. In addition, through their recommendation, they position each student within the context of their entire high school class. School counselors, however, often have caseloads of hundreds of students and ...

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Why do students and families choose to work with an independent consultant like Collegiate Gateway for college admissions?

For both students and families, an independent admissions consultant can provide invaluable      guidance to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome – acceptance to a college that best matches a student’s individual academic and personal needs. Collegiate Gateway is a Professional Member of NACAC (National Association for College Admission ...

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Why do students and families choose to work with an independent consultant like Collegiate Gateway for graduate admissions?

The graduate school admissions landscape is highly competitive, whether you’re applying for a master’s or doctoral program, medical school, law school, or business school. An independent consultant like Collegiate Gateway brings years of expertise in guiding grad school applicants through the multitude of decisions on the path to a ...

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What kinds of consulting packages does Collegiate Gateway offer?

Collegiate Gateway offers a wide variety of college and graduate school admissions packages to suit all different needs. These range from comprehensive packages encompassing all aspects of admissions planning and applications, to hourly packages for more targeted assistance with specific aspects of the process. A complimentary half-hour consultation can ...

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Do you work with students who participate in Science Research programs?

One of our specialties at Collegiate Gateway is working with high school students involved in their school’s math, science, or social science research programs. We help guide students through all aspects of their research projects – from identifying topics of interest to finding research mentors to reviewing research presentations ...

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Do you work remotely or just in New York?

All of our meetings and services can be conducted remotely via videochat or telephone! We are proud to work with clients in countries all over the world, including Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, England, and Singapore.

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