The graduate school admissions landscape is highly competitive, whether you’re applying for a master’s or doctoral program, medical school, law school, or business school. An independent consultant like Collegiate Gateway brings years of expertise in guiding grad school applicants through the multitude of decisions on the path to a successful admissions outcome – from college course selection to standardized testing to post-grad employment and interview preparation.

Collegiate Gateway is a Professional Member of leading industry associations like NAAHP (National Association of Advisors to the Healthcare Professions), AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants), and NCDA (National Career Development Association), which means we have been fully vetted and demonstrate the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience.

When it comes to graduate school, each type of application, and in many cases each individual school, has its own particular criteria and standards for excellence.      Collegiate Gateway brings to bear a thorough understanding of the requirements of each program, in order to help you craft a compelling, focused narrative to position yourself against a crowded field.

Just like college admissions, the most important aspect of the grad school admissions process is helping students identify the schools that are the very best fit for their individual background and goals. Collegiate Gateway has comprehensive knowledge of the full range of grad school options to guide these decisions. Just as importantly, we get to know each client as deeply as possible in order to develop a list that’s highly customized to your needs.

Lastly, an independent consultant like Collegiate Gateway can reduce your stress by providing an organizational framework to prioritize and meet all deadlines and stay motivated throughout the process. For any graduate school applicant, working with Collegiate Gateway provides the peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to maximize your odds of success.