Matching students to the very best schools for their unique personality and educational goals is one of the hallmarks of Collegiate Gateway’s services. This is why we constantly visit and re-visit colleges and graduate programs throughout the world and meet with admissions staff, faculty, and students to learn everything there is to know about each school. Our success in identifying schools where our clients will thrive academically and personally is reflected in the extremely low rate of transfers among our clients – less than 1% compared with the national average of 25%.

School rankings can certainly be useful in providing generalized comparative statistical data on schools. However, the rankings are based on a multitude of factors that may have little bearing on whether a particular student will have a happy and successful experience at a given school.

Rather, the ideal schools are those that offer the greatest fit in terms of the student’s unique strengths, preferences, personality, interests, and goals. Determining this fit is a complex process that requires a full understanding of the student as well as the intangible qualities of each college’s cultural and academic life.