In today’s competitive admissions landscape, we believe the most successful applications require proactive and early planning long before you hit send.

For college applicants, the ideal time to begin working with Collegiate Gateway is in freshman or sophomore year of high school. Many of the factors that influence admissions decisions unfold      throughout the high school years, from course selection to extracurriculars to teacher relationships. We help students make the most of these years to best position themselves for success when it comes time to craft their experience into the college application itself.

The same applies for graduate school applicants, who gain maximum benefit when they begin the consulting relationship during their early college years. Collegiate Gateway helps college students plan a four-year curriculum sequence that best fulfills their distribution requirements, major, minor, and pre-professional courses. In addition, we advise on extracurricular activities, research, internships, and employment that will best position our clients to be competitive for their particular degree program.