Below are the final deadlines and dates for the 2022-23 application cycle, along with links to the websites for the three med school application platforms.

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From planning your college curriculum to completing the applications themselves, the earlier you begin the process, the better! Medical school applications are reviewed on a rolling basis: the sooner you submit your primary application, the sooner your transcript will be verified, the sooner you will receive the secondary application, and the sooner you will be evaluated for an interview invitation.


5/3/22             Application opens

5/31/22           Submission opens

6/24/22           First date that verified applications are released to med schools

Varies              Application deadline; confirm deadlines for your schools


5/4/22             Application opens

Varies               Transcript-verified applications are typically released 4 weeks after submission

4/12/23           Application cycle closes

Varies              Application deadline; confirm deadlines for your schools


5/2/22             Application opens

5/16/22           Submission opens

11/1/22           Submission deadline

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Preparing for and applying to med school is complicated and can be overwhelming, so beyond starting early, we recommend working with an experienced and knowledgeable advisor to set yourself up for success. Explore the upcoming medical school presentations on our website or set up a complimentary consultation to learn about our services. Whatever your question, Collegiate Gateway is happy to help!