Meet Graham, a member of Princeton University’s class of 2017! Graham is a graduate of The Wheatley School in Old Westbury, New York, and he is now pursuing his Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

What is your favorite memory from your first year of college?

Bus rides with the club hockey team.

What was the most challenging part of your first year?

Maintaining the high level of discipline necessary to block out all distractions.

What has been your favorite course so far?

COS 126: General Computer Science. It’s an introductory computer science course with no prior experience necessary. The course is organized extremely well with engaging lectures, fun assignments and infinite resources for help. In the third week we wrote a program to simulate planets’ orbits around the sun. In the sixth week we created a guitar simulator that you can play with the keyboard. The course is the reason I became a Computer Science major.

Describe a favorite extracurricular activity you have participated in during your first year at college.

Club ice hockey. I have been playing hockey since I was three years old and I knew I wanted to continue in college. The club team is the perfect level of commitment and competition. We practice twice a week and play about 20 games in a season. I met all of my best friends through the team. It’s also the ultimate escape from schoolwork. Finding a release from the academic environment is essential to happiness – once I step onto the ice I forget entirely about tests and essays.

What were your living arrangements for your first year at college? How did your roommates work out?

I lived in a two-room triple. There was a common room and a bedroom. The room itself was a little cramped but I became very close with my roommates. I am living with both of them sophomore year.

What are you most looking forward to as you begin your second year of college?

Beginning the computer science track. Last year I was in chemical engineering but switched because I realized that I should study what I enjoy, rather than what I think will be the best background.

What advice would you give to incoming college freshmen?

I’m sure people have told you these will be the best four years of your life and that you will absolutely love it. Don’t feel that you need to fulfill those statements immediately. You may not love it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Keep a positive outlook. Be open to try new things and meet new people. And despite being the most overused maxim in college, you really do need to find a balance.