IB Diploma Programme

What is a High School Profile and What Role Does It Play in College Admissions?

When your college application is considered, your transcript is evaluated side-by-side with your high school profile. This blog post will discuss the information included in the profiles, including GPA, grade and test score distribution, rigor of curriculum, and special programs. To illustrate how this information is shared, we will draw from the examples of five school profiles at public and private secondary schools.

The ABCs of Secondary School Curricula: International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Read our overview of the IB program, which can help navigate its complexities and explore its potential benefits. Find out how you can use IB exam scores to distinguish yourself from other applicants, for advanced placement (skipping over entry-level courses), or for college credit. Also, how does an IB program compare to AP courses?

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