The class of 2012 was fortunate enough to enter the strongest job market since 2008, according to Bloomberg News. Despite this improvement, however, the job market is still only on its way to regaining its pre-recession status, and unfortunately not all career fields are recovering at the same rate.

Healthcare and the technology industries are now viewed as the center of this nation’s economy. In fact, the healthcare and social assistance industry is expected to create 28 percent of the nation’s new jobs over the next eight years, forecasts the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, as a result of the aging population and longer life expectancies.

There is an intense demand for graduates with skills in the information-technology sector, due to the abundance of data now available for companies to gather and analyze, according to the Wall Street Journal. Those graduating with degrees in technical areas, such as computer science, engineering and accounting seem to be having the greatest success in landing job opportunities reports the National Association of Colleges and Employers. On the contrary some graduates with nontechnical majors, such as in the liberal arts and humanities, may continue to face a discouraging job market, reports Bloomberg News.

As a result, many recent graduates are turning to viable alternatives such as unpaid internships. With the economy still not back to full throttle, unpaid internships have become available in a wider number of fields including film, fashion houses, book and magazine publishers, marketing companies, public relations firms, art galleries, talent agencies, and even at some law firms, reports the New York Times. Internship opportunities are a useful way for graduates to get their foot in the door and explore different careers.