This is the second part of our 3-part series. See Part I for an overview of baccalaureate/MD programs. This blog post provides case studies of several programs. Watch out for Part III, in we share our knowledge and experience regarding the characteristics of a successful baccalaureate/MD candidate.

To give you a sense of the range of what these Baccalaureate/MD programs entail, here is a breakdown of three very different programs’ characteristics and requirements. Note that the Union College Leadership in Medicine Program with Albany Medical College is unique in that it’s the only Baccalaureate/MD program in the country in which students earn a Master’s degree in healthcare management in addition to a BS degree during the first four years. In total, three different institutions are involved in this program: Union College for the BS, Clarkson University for the MS or MBA, and Albany Medical College for the MD. (Program requirements may change, so check school websites to confirm details.)

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  Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) George Washington University’s Seven-Year Dual BA/MD Program Union College Leadership in Medicine Program
Number of years 8 years (4 + 4) 7 years (3 + 4) 8 years (4 + 4)
Number of institutions 2 2 3
Baccalaureate degree AB or ScB (Brown’s terms for BA and BS degrees) BA BS
Graduate degrees MD MD MD and either MS/MBA
Application plan options Early Decision and Regular Decision Regular Decision Regular Decision with November 1 application deadline
SAT/ACT requirement to apply Test-optional Required; no set minimum, but GW suggests the ACT score fall above 33 and the SAT above 1450 Required; the minimum ACT score is 30; the minimum SAT score is above l410
Course requirements to apply Honors or advanced placement offerings available to them in high school are encouraged No specific courses are required, but applicants should present a strong transcript, especially in math/science courses Courses in biology and chemistry, and preferably physics
Interview requirements Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a video portfolio Interviews are conducted in February Promising applicants are interviewed in January through March of senior year
Recommendation letter requirements Three: counselor & 2 teachers; at least one letter from a math or science teacher is encouraged but not required) Two: counselor & teacher Two: counselor & teacher
Essay requirements The Brown Supplement includes three required essays for PLME applicants A small percentage of qualified applicants are selected to complete a second essay about their motivations for medicine and their interest in GW Standard Common Application essays which students may use to address their interests in medicine & healthcare systems, and/or their clinical experience, but are not required to do so
MCAT requirement to advance to MD Not required Students must provide a practice exam score from an online MCAT review Not required
Minimum undergraduate GPA to advance to MD Brown does not calculate a GPA but the overall transcript will be examined, and students must earn a B or above in required courses 3.6, with no grade below a C in any science course 3.5 overall GPA; 3.5 science GPA (cumulative, not in every individual semester)
Undergraduate major Any Any, but students

must apply to and attend GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, and must choose a major that allows them to complete their undergraduate degree in three years

Interdisciplinary major: students choose one science/math major (most commonly biology) and one social science/humanities major (most commonly psychology)
Undergraduate course requirements Required classes parallel premed courses Required premed courses (including bio, chem, physics, psychology, sociology, & calculus) A minimum of 16 or 17 Math/Science courses; 15 Humanities/Social Sciences courses; and 10 additional graduate courses for the MS or 14 graduate courses for the MBA

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