The most successful personal essays are those that provide an honest, authentic window into the student’s life experience and unique perspective on the world. To that end, our goal is to help students dig deep to craft essays that are the truest and most powerful representation of themselves. We do not try to conform essays into a prescribed mold, and we do not write essays for students. Rather, we help our students strengthen their own writing ability, self-reflection, and communication to write essays that truly shine.

One of the keys to an exceptional essay is choosing the perfect topic to showcase each student’s unique gifts and personality. We are skilled at helping our clients brainstorm potential topics, based on our comprehensive understanding of their background, strengths and interests.  We review drafts of essays and offer detailed suggestions for improvement to help each student achieve the best possible final product.

We also review all other supplementary material submitted with applications, including resumes of extracurricular activities, community service, employment, and honors, to ensure that students are presenting their background as effectively as possible.  The objective is to assist students in identifying and expressing their distinctive strengths, characteristics, perspectives, and life experiences, so that their personality shines through in all their writing.