After a decade of advising students on colleges and graduate schools in the US, Collegiate Gateway Collegiate Gateway is expanding its horizons and visiting colleges overseas – in the UK!

And so, the journey begins…gates

For the next two weeks, we’ll be reporting on our travels throughout the London metropolis and Scotland, and sharing our experiences at a variety of universities in the UK.  Whether you eventually attend a British university, or simply read about their historical approach to higher education, knowing their ideals will help you understand the roots of some of the great things about American education – from the tutorial system, in which a Professor has class with just one or two students (as replicated by Williams), to the “College” system, in which students live in smaller colleges within a larger University (as seen at Yale).

And what better time to pay homage to the British University system than during the July 4th weekend!

Our goal is to provide a feel for not only what it would be like for a student to learn here, but also to live here – to walk through the parks, enjoy the rich culture, and absorb the deep historical context of a country with traditions going back to the 10th century.  We will try to capture the unique flavor of a country that values the monarchy side-by-side with Parliament, that can guffaw at the most raucous farce and cry at the most tragic Shakespearean play, and that has as much appreciation for a pint at the pub as scones at high tea!

First stop, London!