College Finances

Seeking Out Local Scholarships

Local scholarships can be a wonderful way to offset the high cost of a college education, and they offer unique advantages over national scholarships. Read on to find out how to apply for this type of merit aid.

Merit Scholarships from Colleges

Many colleges award merit aid to entice high-performing students to attend their schools. Find out which factors determine merit scholarships and how these funds are typically awarded.

Merit Scholarships from Colleges

As college admissions have become more competitive and the cost of a college education is high, schools are offering more and more merit scholarships to increase affordability in order to entice top-tier students to attend. Applicants now have access to a wider range of non-need-based scholarships, based instead on talent ...

Seeking Out Local Scholarships

Faced with the rising price of a college education, students and parents often look for ways to lower costs. As a result, scholarships for need, merit, athletics, community service, hobbies, and other interests are often highly sought after—especially large scholarships offered on a national level. However, students should also consider ...

Merit Scholarships: A Beginner’s Guide

There are many need-based financial aid opportunities out there for college students. But for those who don’t qualify–or who don’t qualify for enough–there are a large number of merit-based scholarship options as well.  With perseverance and dedication, some students have been able to finance nearly their entire college education through ...

Surprising News about Affordable Colleges

With the student debt crisis at the forefront of social and political debate – and tuition growing ever higher – students and families are increasingly concerned about the costs of attending college. More and more, pundits and families alike are evaluating colleges based on data regarding graduates’ earnings.  Payscale, for ...

Colleges Receive Top Donations

Nearly half of the 65 gifts of $5-million or more in 2010 went to colleges and universities, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Knowing which colleges are well-endowed and which colleges receive ear-marked funds can provide useful information about the financial health of each college, the ability to provide financial ...

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