As you wait for news from your regular decision applications, you are not alone in finding this time to be difficult.

But take heart. Though it may not seem so now, the college admissions process is just one part of a much larger educational and career path. Your life’s journey will be full of both successes and setbacks, and you will come through each of them stronger, wiser, and more capable. As you await your final college decisions, remember to trust in the process, and remind yourself that you have done all you can to maximize your chances of success. Have faith that you will have an exciting range of college options for this fall. While these are challenging times, continue to engage in your academics and activities!

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Letter of Continued Interest

If you are deferred in the early admissions cycle or wait listed during regular admissions from a college in which you remain interested, it is highly beneficial to send a Letter of Continued Interest in which you demonstrate your interest, discuss features that are a good fit for you, and provide updates on your accomplishments since you applied.

Timetable for College and Student Decisions

By early April, you will receive your regular admissions decisions and will be accepted, denied, or wait listed. If accepted, you have until May 1st to notify the college that you choose to attend and to confirm this with a deposit, as May 1st is the “National Candidates Reply Date” for all non-ED applicants (except for NCAA-recruited athletes). You may still be on wait lists at that time and might be accepted at any point up until freshman year commences. If you are accepted to a wait list college and choose to attend, make sure to notify the regular admissions college to which you previously committed that your plans have changed.

See the chart below for an updated list of regular decision notification dates for a sample of selective schools.

School Regular Notification Date
Class of 2028
American University mid-March
Amherst College late March
Babson College mid-March
Barnard College late March
Bates College 4/1/2024
Boston College 4/1/2024
Boston University late March
Bowdoin College mid-March
Brandeis University 4/1/2024
Brown University by early April
Bucknell University 4/1/2024
CalArts March 1 through early April
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo by 4/1/24
California Institute of Technology mid-March
Carnegie Mellon University by 4/1/24
Case Western Reserve University 3/20/2024
Claremont McKenna College by 4/1/24
Clark University by mid to late March
Clemson University mid-February
Colby College by 4/1/24
Colgate University late March
College of William and Mary by late March
Colorado College mid-March
Columbia University late March
Connecticut College late March
Cornell University late March
Dartmouth College late March or early April
Davidson College by 4/1/24
Dickinson College late March
Drexel University by 4/1/24
Duke University late March or early April
Elon University 3/20/2024
Emory University by 4/1/24
Fairfield University 4/1/2024
Fordham University by 4/1/24
Franklin and Marshall College by 4/1/24
George Washington University by 4/1/24
Georgetown University 4/1/2024
Hamilton College late March
Harvard University by the end of March
Haverford College early April
Hofstra University February 1st then rolling
Indiana University-Bloomington by 3/15/24
James Madison University mid to late March
Johns Hopkins University 3/20/2024
Lafayette College late March
Lehigh University late March
Middlebury College late March
MIT mid-March
Muhlenberg College mid-March
The New School 1/15/2024
New York University 3/15/2024
Northeastern University by 4/1/24
Northwestern University March 2024
Occidental College 4/1/2024
Ohio State University Feb 16, March 22
Penn State University by 1/31/24 then rolling
Pitzer College by 4/1/24
Pomona College by 4/1/24
Princeton University late March or early April
Purdue University by 3/31/24
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute early March
Rice University by 4/1/24
Rochester Institute of Technology mid-March
Santa Clara University by the first week of April
Sarah Lawrence College late March or early April
Skidmore College mid-March
Stanford University early April
Stevens Institute of Technology by 4/1/24
SUNY at Binghamton by 4/1/24
SUNY at Geneseo early March then rolling
SUNY at Stony Brook end of March
Swarthmore College by 4/1/24
Syracuse University late March
Trinity College late March
Tufts University by 4/1/24
Tulane University by 4/1/24
UC-Berkeley end of March
UC-Davis mid-March
UC-Irvine by 3/31/24
UC-Los Angeles late March
UC-San Diego by 3/31/24
UC-Santa Barbara mid-March
UC-Santa Cruz February to mid-March
UNC – Chapel Hill 3/31/2024
Union College 3/16/2024
University of Chicago late March
University of Colorado, Boulder by 4/1/24
University of Connecticut begins 3/1/24
University of Delaware mid-March
University of Denver mid-March
University of Florida 2/23/2024
University of Georgia mid-March
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign early March
University of Maryland-College Park by 4/1/24
University of Miami by 4/1/24
University of Michigan early April
University of Notre Dame late March
University of Pennsylvania by 4/1/24
University of Pittsburgh Rolling
University of Richmond mid-March
University of Rochester 4/1/2024
University of Southern California by 4/1/24
University of Texas at Austin by 3/1/24
University of Vermont early March
University of Virginia by 4/1/24
University of Washington-Seattle 3/1/24 – 3/15/24
University of Wisconsin-Madison by 3/31/24
Vanderbilt University late March
Vassar College by 4/1/24
Villanova University by 4/1/24
Wake Forest University around 4/1/24
Washington University in St. Louis by 4/1/24
Wellesley College late March
Wesleyan University late March
Williams College by 4/1/24
Yale University by 4/1/24

Deciding whether and where to apply early or regular decision can be daunting, especially now. The college admissions process can be overwhelming, and it may feel difficult to know where to start. At Collegiate Gateway, we are eager to share our expertise and guide you on the path to your “best fit” college. Please feel free to contact us! As always, we’re happy to help!