The University of Denver is a private college located in the heart of Denver with a beautiful residential campus.   A high percentage of students enjoys an active, healthy, outdoor lifestyle, true of all the colleges in Colorado.  The Alpine Club is the largest club on campus. Students can access ski slopes for $10 on school-provided shuttles.  39% of DU students hail from Colorado, with 18% from the Midwest, 15% from the West, and 11% from the Northeast.  DU is a medium-sized college, with 5060 undergraduates and 6300 graduate students.

As a DU student commented to me, “Business runs the school!”  36% of students are enrolled in the Daniels College of Business. In addition to all the traditional business majors, Daniels has specialized majors such as Hospitality management and Statistics; and minors such as Construction Management, Real Estate and Information Technology. The second largest undergraduate school is the Division of Natural Sciences and Math. DU operates on a Quarter system, in which students typically take 4 courses per semester, enabling them to take 2-3 more courses per year than at a Semester-based school.

Leadership is strongly valued at DU.  Students can apply for the Pioneer Leadership Program, which is both an academic minor and a Living and Learning Community. 65 students are selected each year. Students stay as a cohort all four years, live together, take leadership courses, improve the community through service activities and internships. Other residential Living and Learning Communities revolve around interests such as Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice.

DU has strong support services for students with Learning Differences through its Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP), in which students can pay about $1,000 per year for specialized, personalized support.