What Are Your True Interests?

Which college majors would be a great fit for you?

Which hobbies and clubs would you be most excited about?

Which careers would you be happiest and most successful in?

The Strong Interest Inventory provides insights into an individual’s academic, career and leisure interests. The assessment is based on John Holland’s theory of vocational psychology, in which there are six basic personality types and six corresponding types of work environments.  Most people and work environments are a combination of several types.

The following chart shows the six types in the “RIASEC” hexagon, including a description summary and the primary career motivator.  As an example, an individual whose theme code is AIS, or Artistic-Investigate-Social, may be motivated to express creativity through analytic approaches that help others. Such an individual may enjoy majoring in music or English, and participating in newspaper or theater clubs. A few examples of diverse careers that might be a good fit would be a restaurant critic, a music professor or psychologist.  Personality plays a role as well in determining satisfying activities and careers.

R = Realistic The “Doer” Using physical skill
I  = Investigative The “Thinkers” Analyzing
A = Artistic The “Creators” Expressing creativity
S = Social The “Helpers” Helping others
E = Enterprising The “Persuaders” Persuading and influencing
C = Conventional The “Organizers” Organizing

Which “types” are you? Which college majors, activities and careers would be your “best fit?”

Understanding your Strong Interest Inventory assessment requires a consult with a Certified Practitioner.  Collegiate Gateway provides in-depth assessment and interpretation. Working together to help you determine your “best fit” college majors, hobbies, clubs and careers will enable you to thrive and be successful at all stages of your life.

Collegiate Gateway also administers and interprets the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the leading personality assessment tool in the world. Knowing your personality type can help you understand your strengths and challenges, as well as your preferred styles of learning, conflict management, leadership, teamwork, and personal relationships. The MBTI and Strong Interest assessments are especially powerful tools when combined.  Collegiate Gateway helps client use the insights from the MBTI and Strong Interest assessments to achieve their academic, career and personal goals.   www.collegiategateway.com.


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